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Hearing Aid Repair

At Champion Hearing Aid Center, we have patients in all stages and walks of life and with many different hearing situations. Because many of our patients seek treatment for hearing loss, we offer a variety of different hearing aids to meet the specific needs of each individual. Hearing aids are highly advanced pieces of technology, but like all electronics, they may require repairs due to age, environment or damages. The good news is Champion Hearing Aid Center can repair your hearing aids, whether they need a simple cleaning and tune-up or something more extensive.

If your hearing aid needs repairs or is not working correctly for any reason, please contact us for an appointment – in your home or at our office. At Champion Hearing Aid Center, we can diagnose device problems, make basic hearing aid repairs and send them to the manufacturer in the event of severe damage. 

Maintaining your hearing aid

When you purchase a hearing device from our facility, we will educate you on the best ways to clean and maintain it. As complicated electronic instruments, they are subject to failure. Dropping one could make it inoperable. Sometimes, the continuous use and removal can cause a problem. Cleaning your device can help stop some of these problems, but a professional cleaning is often necessary. 

We have patients who believe their hearing has worsened over time only to find their hearing aid was not functioning to the best of its capability. Avoid this situation: regularly clean your device as scheduled and call us anytime with maintenance or performance questions.

Hearing aid repairs

Champion Hearing Aid Center has mobile equipment that can take care of many repairs, including cleaning. We can visit your home to repair or pick up your devices. Just as we come to you for hearing services before you get a hearing aid, we can take care of this need, too.

As we noted above, some parts and repairs for your hearing aid are available only from a factory representative, so not all repairs can be done on the same day. We will send your hearing device out and give you a date for return. We will communicate openly and easily with you during every step of this process.

When you purchase a hearing aid from Champion, your services include regular cleanings and inspections. Please take advantage of our services to be sure your hearing aid will always perform like brand new!

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