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4 Signs You Need a Hearing Test

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When was the last time you had your hearing tested? If you haven’t been to see an audiologist for years — or even ever — it may be time to book a hearing test. If you’re unsure whether or not you’d benefit from arranging an appointment, here are four signs you need a hearing test.

1. Struggling to follow conversations

Do you find it hard to keep up in conversations with friends? Are you asking people to repeat themselves when you’re talking to them? Are you losing track of what’s going on in meetings because you can’t hear what has been said? Keeping up with conversations is one of the most difficult things for people who experience hearing loss. There are many reasons why you may struggle to follow conversations: some people have very soft speaking voices, there may be background noise to contend with and it can be embarrassing to ask somebody to repeat themselves multiple times. You may find that you’re missing vital information at work or that you can’t engage in conversation properly with friends or neighbors because you can’t hear properly. If this is the case, it’s advisable to contact an audiologist and arrange a test.

2. Turning the volume up

Have you noticed that you have to turn the volume up on the radio or TV on a regular basis? Do other people remark how loud the television is when they walk into the room? If you’re constantly adjusting the volume to make the sound louder, this is a common sign of hearing loss. If your TV used to be on a low setting and you can’t hear without switching it to high volume, this indicates that your hearing has deteriorated.

3. Problems with background noise

Background noise can make it difficult to hear at the best of times. If you have hearing loss, it can be particularly tough to block out sounds and focus on a conversation or an exchange, for example, in a bar, shop or restaurant. If you’re out with a group of friends, there’s music playing and other people talking, it can be difficult to socialize if you can’t hear what people are saying. Many people feel uncomfortable when they’re in busy, loud places, and this causes them to become isolated. If you can’t hear, and you don’t want to ask people to repeat themselves over and over again, you may find that you’re a lot quieter and more withdrawn than normal. If this scenario sounds familiar, contact a hearing specialist and arrange a hearing test.

4. Ringing in the ears

Have you noticed a humming, buzzing or ringing sound in your ears? It’s very common to hear these noises if you’ve been to a gig or a club, but if they’re persistent or constant, this is a sign that you need a hearing test.

Are you thinking of booking a hearing test? If you’re worried that your hearing has deteriorated, it’s wise to get in touch with an audiologist as soon as possible. There are treatments out there can have an incredibly positive impact on your hearing, and your quality of life.