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Hearing Tests

Thousands of people experience hearing loss to some degree every year. There are many reasons for hearing loss, some of them interconnected. Whatever the cause of your hearing loss, Champion Hearing Aid Center has a professional staff ready to help you meet the challenge head on.

Every hearing problem is unique, which means an individual’s hearing experience changes depending on the listening environment they’re in. Some people find it hard to hear women and children’s voices. Some have difficulty in large group settings with immense background noise. Some have ringing in the ears after prolonged noisy encounters. Whatever the situation, the professionals at Champion have the right solution for you. 

The first step to better hearing

The first step to better hearing is by having a comprehensive hearing test conducted. These tests are non-invasive, pain-free and can be done in our office or in your home. We have mobile services, with portable equipment designed to provide the most convenient hearing services available in your area. 

Hearing tests are conducted with earphones and a computer board, through which a technician sends a series of tones, sounds and words. The hearing specialist can determine with great precision exactly what kind of hearing loss is present, how profound it is and where to start finding solutions.

Questions and answers about hearing exams

You will answer several questions, usually before the earphone test. These answers help determine what your hearing and general health history has been, and allows the hearing professional to determine how long you’ve been coping with hearing problems. Someone who has sustained an injury to the ears or head will have a very different background than someone experiencing age-related hearing loss.

An audiologist is a professional whose job it is to determine as many of these facts as possible. During the pre-test period, the audiologist will probably examine your ears, check for obvious abnormalities or injury, and prepare the headphones.

What to expect during the hearing test

Once again, the testing process will be brief and simple. You can expect the technician to perform tests that include the following:

  • Listening to a series of tones, going from soft to loud
  • Listening to a series of words with no noise
  • Listening to a series of words or tones with noise in the background
  • Checking sound reception through the bone under your ear

Once the testing is complete, the audiologist will discuss the results with you using a printout that shows graphically your exact level of hearing and hearing loss.

For more information on hearing tests or to set up an appointment, call the professionals at Champion Hearing Aid Center at 717-569-7450.

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